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A little bit about me...

My name is Mary Peterson, and I am the grower behind the blooms. I have been growing flowers ever since I was a child, but little did I know these fun summer activities with my mother would eventually spark the vision I am currently working towards today. With the help of family, friends, and my deer guarding dog Ted, I am working towards sharing the best petals Western PA has to offer. 


Building a cut-flower garden is a constant learning experience. To say I have had a few trials and errors, would be a total understatement. In the very beginnings of my cut flower garden, and even still at times, I say to myself, “Well at least I’m learning what NOT to do.” 

Every season my hope is to gain more knowledge as I slowly immerse myself into the cut-flower world... in doing so my garden grows "little" by "little" each year. Who needs grass anyway?


I love the challenges of trying new varieties, but have my favorites I know I can rely on. Dahlia reign supreme in my garden. I am excited to be growing 500+ in 2022. I am also a member of the Greater Pittsburgh Dahlia Society. 

2022 is an exciting year for me in the garden. I'm headed into my second official year of sales, starting a wholesale market for local flower growers, and growing flowers for my own wedding (dreams do come true!). Can't wait to see how it all plays out!



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