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Tuber Time!

Allow me to enable your dahlia addiction <3

Tuber Shop is OPEN for 2022 Orders!

All tubers have been inspected for eyes, rot, and disease. I choose my best tubers to sell and keep the misfits for myself. Eyes will be circled.

Shipping can only be combined on orders placed on the same day, since I will be shipping orders as soon as possible. 

Like everyone else I have observed an uptick in the popularity of dahlias and increased tension surrounding tuber sales. I've tried my best to alleviate that tension and prioritize marketing to customers who are invested in my small business.


Please keep in mind I am a backyard dahlia grower and process all of my sales by myself. This is also not a full time business. Customers who are full time rude will not be tolerated. 

*Product descriptions are from the database.

*All photos have been taken by myself


Have questions about your tubers?

Thanks for submitting!

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