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Stopped to smell the roses recently?

If you have, and that rose was from anywhere but on a rose bush, it may not have smelled so much...

The fact of the matter is that the roses we've come to know today at our florists and grocery store are not what they were when that phrase came to be. 

Roses among other popular florals have become commodified over the past several decades similar to the way we grow things like corn. However, our roses are not coming from the Midwest. To supply the US with fresh and more-or-less cheap flowers year-round, the industry was moved out of the country, and flowers were bred to boost traits making them more transportable but at the expense of other traits including fragrance.  

Beyond Olfaction

The U.S. has now reached a point where 80% of our flowers come from other countries most of which are in South America. 

By the time our commercial flowers reach us, they are several days old and often laden with preservatives. 

Additionally farming regulations vary by country, and the farther removed we are from our flower production, the less we know about how they are grown.

Supporting Local Flowers

When you support local flowers, whether it is buying directly from a farmer or a florist/retailer who sources locally, you are saying no to the issues we've blindly allowed to become the norm.

On the flipside you are saying yes to fresher flowers, more variety, supporting your local economy, building community, and the list continues. 

Pete's Petals puts a focus on growing floral varieties that are not typically sold on a large scale at the grocery store or conventional florist shop. Each bouquet is stunningly unique. 

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