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My Dahlia Tuber Process

One of a hundred ways to do it! This is what works for me and could work for you too!

The video does not show everything so please read the following tips!

-Be careful when digging. Don't get too close with your digging tool, and don't pull to hard on your clump.

-If you sever a tuber, it is still salvageable as long as the crown, neck and enough body are in tact. You'll need to let the wound cure before storing. This is the same when cutting away any rot that may have occurred. 

-Not everyone washes, but I do so I can easily divide in the fall. It is important to let your tubers dry before storing. 1-2 days should be good. If you can write on it with a marker, it should be good.

-Be on the lookout for suspicious growth on your tubers. Gall is on the rise and is no good! You'll want to trash any infected tubers.

-Clean your dividing tools between clumps to prevent the spread of disease. I use water + bleach.

-Be gentle when wrapping your tubers. You can also individually wrap them and put them in paper bags by variety. 

-Dahlias should be stored in a dark, cool spot (50 degrees or less but not freezing!!).

-If you don't choose to divide in the fall, I recommend at least removing any possibly rotting tubers or broken tubers. Trim roots and long tails to save space. Many growers like to store in coarse vermiculite. This method can be used on divided tubers or clumps. A quick Google search will provide you with more info on this method. 

-As always, I recommend doing additional research since there are so many ways to do this. The American Dahlia Society webpage is a good place to start. 



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